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How to Frame and Display a Quilt Block

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A framed quilt block can add to your decor, no matter what decorating style you prefer. Country styles benefit from traditional-style quilt blocks, whereas stark, geometric blocks complement a modern look. No matter what type of block you have, proper mounting and care ensures that your quilt block looks good for quite awhile, without the fading or spotting that can happen with improper treatment.

Things You'll Need:

  • Frame
  • Backing Mat Material
  • Glass
  • Mat Board Frame

Consider the value of your quilt block before framing. The block's value determines the treatment it receives. A new block that you whipped together in an hour for a wall hanging doesn't call for the same materials as a 150-year-old family heirloom.

Choose your mat board frame according to the necessary level of care, as well as the colors in your quilt block. For heirloom-quality blocks, select a high-quality mat board frame. Plain black or white matting is best for most blocks. However, a colored mat can set off the colors in the block's pattern.

Select backing mat material, frame glass and a frame. Purchase high-quality backing mat material and UV-protected glass from a frame store or art supply store if your quilt block is heirloom-quality. You can use commercial-quality materials if it's a modern block. In all cases, choose a frame that's closer to a shadow box in depth, which ensures that the quilt block doesn't touch the glass.

Lay out the frame, front side down on a table. Insert the mat frame. Lay the quilt block over the mat frame, ensuring the block is straight. Top the quilt block with archival backing mat material, add the back of the frame, and slide the frame clips to close the frame.


  • Whether or not you use UV-protected frame glass, don't hang your quilt block where it gets direct sunlight.
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