How to Build a House in "Terraria" on Xbox

The basic elements of "Terraria" on Xbox 360 are exploration, combat and crafting. The game features a day and night cycle with hostile creatures becoming stronger and more prevalent when it is dark. To protect your character against monsters, build a house for shelter. To build a house, you must first gather all the required resources and then craft the materials needed. A typical house consists of walls, a floor, a table, a chair, a door and a light source.

Launch the game and press the "Start" button to access the main menu. Start a new game or continue with one of your saved games.

Press the "RB" and "LB" shoulder buttons to cycle through your inventory shown at the top of the screen and select the copper axe.

Stand next to a tree and hold down the "RT" shoulder button to chop it down. Trees are found everywhere in the Terraria except the desert and ocean areas. Each tree yields between 30 and 40 pieces of wood so chop down at least four. Gather the wood from the tree and then select the copper shortsword.

Walk up to one of the green slime monsters roaming the world and hold down the "RT" shoulder button to kill it with your sword.

Pick up the gel that is dropped by the defeated monster and then walk to an open area where you want to build a house. A shelter must be at least six blocks high and 10 blocks wide so make sure you have enough space to build.

Press the "RB" and "LB" shoulder buttons to cycle through your inventory and select wood from your inventory.

Press down on the right analog stick to enter the manual cursor mode. This mode makes it easier to place items with precision.

Use the right analog stick to move the cursor and then press the "RT" shoulder button to place the wood at the location of the cursor.

Place the wood until you have a house with walls and a ceiling. You can also place the wood on the ground of the house to make a floor but this is not required for the game to recognize the structure as a house. You need a total of 40 wood to build the basic structure of the house including the floor. The floor is purely for cosmetic purposes.

Select the axe from your inventory and then remove three blocks from the bottom of one of the walls.

Press "Y" to open your inventory and then press "LB" to access the crafting section. Select the work bench from the list of crafting options and then press "A" to create one.

Press "B" to close the crafting section and then select the work bench from your inventory. Place the work bench in the center of the house and then stand in front of the bench.

Access the crafting screen again where you will now have more crafting options thanks to the work bench. Scroll down to the door and press "A" to craft one. You will need six pieces of wood to craft a door.

Select the door from your inventory and then place it in the gap that you created in the house wall. Doors allow you access to your house using the "B" button and prevent monsters from getting inside.

Stand in front of the work bench and access the crafting screen. Scroll down to "Dirt Wall" and then scroll right to "Wood Wall."

Press "A" to craft wooden background walls in order to cover the back of your house. Exit the crafting screen and select the wood walls from your inventory. Use the "RT" button in manual cursor mode to place the wood inside the house until everything is covered. This prevents monsters from spawning inside your house

Stand in front of the work bench and access the crafting screen. Scroll down to the tiki torch and press "A" to craft one. To craft a torch you need three pieces of wood and one gel that is obtained from killing slimes.

Scroll down to the "wooden chair" and press "A" to craft one from four pieces of wood. A chair is required for the game to recognize a structure as a house and for non-player characters to move into the house.

Close the crafting screen and place the tiki torch inside the house to provide illumination.

Select the wooden chair from your inventory and place it anywhere inside the house. Your house is now complete and is also livable for non-player characters.


  • Instead of wooden walls you can also use the pickaxe to mine stone in order to build a sturdier house. The smallest house you can build will require 70 stone blocks. A stone house is built in the same manner as a wooden house, substituting wood for stone.