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How to Block PS2 Slim Sensors

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Blocking the sensors on the PS2 slim is one of the ways that users can engage in disc swapping. Disc swapping is used to play copied, backed-up or foreign games on the PlayStation 2 Slim. This is legal in the United States under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Users can block the sensors on a PS2 Slim with a few supplies and a little effort.

Things You'll Need:

  • Black Electrical Tape
  • Screwdriver Or Pencil
  • Small Strip Of Paper
  • Playstation 2 Slim

Take any games or discs out of the PS2 Slim. Unplug the PlayStation 2 Slim before you start working. Even if the system is turned off you could still receive a small electrical shock if it is plugged in.

Open the disc door to reveal the tray the disc lays in. Older models of PlayStation 2 Slims have a tray that slides out. With these models you must remove the cover to see the sensors.

Locate the sensors. One is located on the front right hand corner of the tray. It looks like a small square hole. The second sensor is located behind the disc on the right side. It is a silver sensor that is pushes in when the disc is inserted. The third sensor is located on the back left hand side of the tray where the door closes. Not all PS2 Slims have the third sensor.

Wedge the pencil or the screwdriver under the lid to hold it up as you work.

Ball up the piece of paper small enough to fit in the first sensor hole and slide the paper into the hole. The paper should be a long cylinder shape before you place it in the sensor hole.

Push the second sensor back into the slot and place a piece of black electrical tape over the sensor. The tape has to go across both sides to hold it back and block the sensor. Regular Scotch tape and a piece of paper will also have the same results; however, black electrical tape holds longer. The paper must be folded several times and strong enough to withstand the sensor pushing out on it.

Tape down the third sensor on the PS2. This sensor detects the closed door and simply needs a small piece of tape placed over it.

Remove the pencil or screwdriver and plug the system back in. Place a disc in the unit and test the PS2.

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