How to Become a Pop Star

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Things You'll Need

  • Demo CDs
  • Vocal lessons/vocal coach
  • Dance lessons
  • Professional headshots
  • One written page about your singing aspirations and contact information

Becoming a pop star is a very difficult task that requires hard work and dedication. Even if you are able to fully devote yourself to the challenge of becoming a pop sensation it may still be difficult to achieve star status. You must be prepared to handle rejection, hold your head high and remain optimistic that your dream may come true.

Think about what sort of pop star you would like to be. Consider what type of music you would like to sing and what sort of image you would like to project. Keep in mind that there are thousands of other people who also aspire to being pop stars, so distinguish yourself to stand out from the rest.

Take voice lessons even if you are a phenomenal singer. Learn how to properly use your voice and strengthen your singing abilities with exercises and other techniques. Your singing coach may also be useful for networking and boosting your career. Also take up dance lessons; most pop stars have dance training that they show off in performances and music videos. Jazz and hip-hop are the most common forms of dance that pop stars perform, so enroll in classes that focus on these two styles.

Start looking for recording engineers and demo studios in your area. It is vital that you have a demo CD. Demo studios will provide you with everything that you need to record CDs to give to talent agencies. Studios will usually have either a live band or prerecorded music tracks that you will sing with. Make sure to choose songs that work best for your voice. They do not have to be songs that you have written, but make sure to give recording artists credit to avoid lawsuits.

Have professional photographs (commonly called headshots) taken. Hand these out with your demo so potential clients and agency representatives will know what you look like. Write a one-page summary of your talents and background. Make sure to include your contact information on the back of your headshots. Send demo CDs and headshots (through the postal service) to talent agencies that feature singing artists. Hire a talent agent to get record deals, singing jobs and other work that will allow you to use your talent. Keep in mind that you may not hear back from some of these agencies for months. If a year has passed without word chances are they are not interested in you.

Work singing jobs and competitions while you wait to hear from talent agencies. Look to see if there are singing jobs in your community. Also consider entering a competition like "American Idol," which could allow your career to blossom.


  • Remember that there is great power in networking. Let friends, family and other people in your life know that you are striving to become a pop star. They may know or encounter someone who is in the music industry and could start or help your career.


  • Avoid scam talent agencies who may promise to get you jobs for an annual fee. A real talent agency will not ask you for any money up front.

    Avoid copying your favorite pop stars. This will not get you very far. There’s no need for a duplicate of your favorite singer.