How to Bead Swarovski Animals

Bead Frog image by MrGreenBug from

Things You'll Need

  • Swarovski beads
  • Transparent beading cord
  • Scissors

Swarovski is a manufacturer of high quality faceted crystal beads and other objects. Their products are used in everything from fine jewelry to crystal chandeliers, furniture and decorative crafts. Beaders use Swarovski beads to make three-dimensional beaded animals. When making Swarovski three-dimensional beaded animals, use the same patterns you use with generic beads.

Select a pattern for making the animal that you want to bead. Patterns are available online, some for free, as well as in books at craft stores.

Choose the size, color and shape of the Swarovski beads you want to use. Follow the guidelines in your pattern, but don't be afraid to experiment with your own color combinations and patterns.

Cut 36 inches of transparent beading cord. Use transparent cord or fishing line when beading three-dimensional animals. Do not use beading wire as it will tend to flatten out the animal shape.

Pick up five identical beads and bring them to the center of the section of cord. Thread one end of the cord through the last bead on the other end of the cord and pull tight. This forms your basic animal beading circle. Each animal is formed based on making circles and joining them together.

Select another four identical beads (you will borrow your fifth bead from one in the original circle). Thread the first end of the cord through the bead to the left of where the threads came out of the original circle, then thread the cord through the next bead to the right. Take the second end of the cord and thread it through the first bead of your second circle. Add three more beads. Skip the bead where your first thread emerges and thread it through the bead next to it. You have borrowed a side bead from circle two and an original bead from circle one and formed a third circle.

Pick up the first cord end. Thread it through bead one of circle three. Pick up three beads. Skip the bead the other cord is emerging from on the original circle and thread through the next bead on the original circle. As you can see, the pattern repeats. Go around the first circle and then go around the five new circles in the second row. This pattern will immediately form a ball-type shape, helping you create the dimensions of your animal.

Shape legs by using tube-shaped beads and oval or teardrops for feet. Change color to indicate eyes or body color changes such as white bellies. By following the pattern, you will see how other shapes are formed by choosing where to make your connecting circles.


  • Consider first building your three-dimensional animal from inexpensive pony or seed beads until you are comfortable with the patterns and techniques, then use the more expensive crystal Swarovski beads to create glittering three-dimensional animals.


  • Don't use beads that are too large or they won't sit close enough together to hide the cord.