How to Audition for Project Runway

How to Audition for Project Runway. Project Runway is a reality TV show featuring up and coming fashion designers being challenged week after week to come up with creative designs based on a certain concept with limited time and materials. The designs are then judged by a panel of three judges, and a designer is rejected each week. Read below to learn how to audition for Project Runway.

Sign up for the Project Runway newsletter. This will notify newsletter receivers right away when a new season is being cast.

Go to open casting at one of the stops on the casting tour. It may change from season to season, but for season four, the cities visited by Project Runway were Chicago, LA, New York and Miami.

Bring three personally designed garments. Choose three that best demonstrate the diversity of talents and skills. This may mean bringing a piece of swimwear, an example of couture and an example of menswear.

Have a picture portfolio on hand. The portfolio must be presented professionally, be neat and go in a certain story flow. Make it quick and easy to flip through and look at without loose pieces flying and moving around.

Complete a Project Runway application. This can be downloaded from the Project Runway website. It should be on hand at the casting call.

Be creative. Project Runway judges are known for spotting artistic vision over commercial viability. Know edgy and be willing to take a chance, not play it safe.

Know the basics. Be prepared to work hard and sew a lot. This show wants seasoned and competent designers, not someone fresh out of high school that just has some cute ideas. Be fully trained, seasoned and ready to compete.

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