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How to Assign an After-Market PS3 Controller

After-market video game accessories are cheaper alternatives to the products being sold by console makers such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Sony PS3 controllers retail for nearly $50, whereas the after-market PS3 controllers can come in under $20. This does not mean you will be getting the same quality build as the original Sony controllers, as you will not be for most of the after-market accessories. However, if saving money is a necessity, after-market controllers may be for you.

Plug the after-market Sony PS3 controller into the PS3 using the mini USB cable that comes with either the PS3 or the controller. The controller lights turn on and it syncs with the PS3.

Select the "Settings" option in the PS3 menu and select "Accessory Settings" in the sub heading.

Select "Reassign Controllers" from the next sub heading and the list of installed controllers on the PS3 system comes up.

Select the after-market PS3 controller and a new window comes up with the option to assign the controller to controller ports 1 to 7.

Press the directional buttons either up or down to select the number you wish to assign to the controller and press the "X" button to save that selection.

Press the "O" button and you are returned to the PS3 menu.

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