How to Apply for the TV Show "Clean House"

"Clean House" is a reality-television show about families with cluttered, messy homes. Niecy Nash is the host of "Clean House," and she has a team of professional organizers and interior designers. They go to the family's home and choose what stays and what goes. They then have a large yard sale where they sell all of the belongings that are not needed. The proceeds from the yard sale go toward the home makeover they will get, and unsold items are donated to charity. Get your cluttered home organized by applying for the TV show "Clean House."

Watch the TV show "Clean House" to see how everything works. You can familiarize yourself with the show itself as well as the cast and host, Niecy Nash. Check out the website so you can read all about the TV show (see Resources section). You increase your chances of getting on the TV show by understanding what they are looking for.

Determine if you are eligible to be on the show. You need to be 18 years of age or older and speak English. If you live in Alabama or Nebraska, you must be 19 or older. If you are from Mississippi or Pennsylvania, you have to be 21 or older. You have to have a clear record with no convicted felonies or misdemeanors of moral turpitude, as well as no warrants for your arrest.

Enter your submission online (see Resources section). The application process is online only, and there are no deadlines for application submission. You will need to send your name, address, age, marital status, phone number and email address. This is required information. Make sure everything is accurate because they might contact you by phone, email or mail. If anything changes, let them know via the application form.

Write your reason for a home overhaul or why you want to be on "Clean House." Your essay will play a large part in whether you are chosen for the show. They are looking for people with extremely messy homes, people who do not know how to clean or organize, people who love their possessions and those who are commonly called pack rats.

Before you apply for the TV show "Clean House," you need to read the E! Privacy Policy and submission guidelines. By entering, you are agreeing to these terms. You are also agreeing that you are of eligible age and have no outstanding warrants for your arrest.

Write your essay and sleep on it. Rewrite it and refine your story. Get a second look at it if you can to make your story as interesting as possible and to make sure it reads well.


  • Print the submission guidelines for "Clean House." Follow the submission guidelines for application to the letter. Read the website's blog (see Resources section).