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How Many Controllers Can the PS3 Hold?

How Many Controllers Can the PS3 Hold?

Sony's PlayStation 3 system makes use of Bluetooth technology to eliminate the need for restrictive controller cords. But, with no controller ports to plug into, just how many wireless controllers can you connect to a PS3 system at one time? While there are only a few games that need a large number of controllers, that list is growing.


According to Sony's quick reference guide, the PlayStation 3 is able to connect up to seven wireless controllers at a time.


To get a controller to connect to the desired PS3 system, the first time you use them together you must connect them via the USB cable supplied with the system and turn the system on. This will allow the controller and system to pair with one another automatically.


The PS3 controller has indicators for one through four to identify which controller you're using. If you're using the second controller, for example, the "2" lights up. However, when using controllers five through seven, two numbers will be lit. Adding these numbers together will tell you what number your controller is. For example, player number six's controller would have the "4" and "2" lit up.


Presumably, this is a hardware/software issue. Perhaps the PS3 lacks the processing power to track seven separate Bluetooth signals. This seems unlikely to change via a system update, as there would be no way to indicate your controller's number beyond seven.

Multiple Controlleres

Some of the games that make use of more than four controllers are: "The WWE Smachdown vs. Raw" series (beginning in 2008) and "Bomberman Ultra."

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