How Do I Make an Angel of Wire Craft?

By Rebekah Martin

Wire angels look very beautiful and delicate hanging on a Christmas tree or in any other spot in the house. You can easily create them in less than an hour with just a little bit of wire. They make great gifts for people during the holidays or any other time they might need an angel from a friend. Make several at one time to ensure that you always have them on hand to give to others.

Wrap the wire around a cylinder shape roughly 20 times. Don’t just overlap the circles on top of each other, try to make the loops side by side.

When you are finished wrapping the cylinder, leave about 10 inches of wire hanging loose and cut the wire.

Pull the cylinder out from the wire carefully. Wrap the loose wire around the looped wires two times to secure them.

Pull five loops free from the bundle and bend them above the others. It should look roughly like a figure 8 at this point.

Bend the top loop down in the middle to meet the bottom loop. Arrange this loop to look like two wings of the angel. Wrap the loose ends of wire around to secure it.

Fan the wings out so it looks like the angel is unfurling her wings.

String the large bead onto the loose wire. This will create the head of the angel.

String 15 to 20 seed beads onto the same loose wire to create the halo. Shape it into a circle. Make sure you use enough seed beads to make it the appropriate size for the large head bead.

Pull the loose end back through the large head bead, twisting around when you reach the "neck" of the angel.

Snip off any extra wire.

Arrange the body wires in a way that is pleasing to the eye. You can separate the wires to allow the angel to stand on its own if you wish to display it on a tabletop.


Experiment with what you wrap the wire around. You can use your own hand for a more oval-shaped angel, instead of cylindrical.

These angels can be made very small or quite large. Just be sure to have a bead large enough for the head to look good on the angel body. If you make a very large angel, you can always use a Styrofoam ball for the head instead of a bead.

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