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How Do I Get My PS3 to Work With My Sharp Aquos TV?

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

The PlayStation 3 is part of the high definition generation of consoles. Owners of a Sharp Aquos HDTV can enjoy PS3 games as soon as they get the system out of the box, but an HDMI or component cable is a nice addition. Connecting the system to the television is easy, but there are a few settings to configure.

Connecting with AV Cables

Plug your PlayStation 3's power cable into an outlet and the console.

Plug the included AV cable into the back of the PlayStation and the AV ports on the back of the TV. These are the red, white and yellow ports.

Turn on the TV and PlayStation. Press the "TV/Video" button on the TV or remote control until you see the PlayStation logo or background.

Connecting with Component or HDMI Cables

Plug the HDMI or component cable into the back of the TV and your PlayStation. Component cables have red and white audio leads and three colored video leads; match the leads with the ports on the TV. HDMI cables will only fit in one direction.

Turn on the PlayStation 3 and navigate to the "Display Settings" section of the "Settings" menu with your controller.

Select "Video Output Settings" and press "X."

Select the type of cable you are using (HDMI or component) and press "X."

Select the resolution and aspect ratio supported by your TV. You will have about 30 seconds to confirm before the PS3 reverts to the previous settings. Press "X" to confirm.

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