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How to Load a Duck Hand-Held Tape Dispenser

Loading a tape into a Duck brand dispenser is a simple process.
plastic tape image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com

Duck Brand hand-held tape dispensers feature a roll of tape housed in the handle, allowing you to keep one of your hands free at all times while taping. The rubberized coating on the dispenser's pistol-grip handle ensures it will not slip from your hand while in use. The housing fits different sizes of tape so you can use a variety of brands and styles, and they also produce an extra-wide version of the dispenser that accommodates jumbo-sized rolls of tape (generally used for industrial jobs).

Lay your roll of packing tape down flat on your work surface. Pick up your dispenser and press the large three-armed plastic core on the dispenser down into the center of the tape--securing the tape to the dispenser

Start the tape roll by pulling up about 2 inches at the end of the tape.

Run your fingers through your hair and then pinch the tape between your fingers a few times to reduces the stickiness, advises the Help I Need Boxes website. This will make it easier to thread the tape roll into the housing. Thread the tape roll onto the dispenser. Slide tape over the small roller at the front of the dispenser, through space between lip and the flap that keeps the tape moving smoothly (the non-sticky side of the tape lays against this flap).

Test the dispenser to ensure tape has been loaded correctly. Pull a short length of tape out, stick it onto a surface and pull the handle towards you to start the tape rolling through the Duck dispenser. When you are done, simply pull back on the tape to cut the end of the tape against the serrated blade on the dispenser.

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