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How to Fix a Measuring Tape

Repair your tape measure to ensure your measurements will be accurate.
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Tape measures are an extremely useful tool when you are working on home improvement projects. The blade will show signs of wear over time and may even become bent, dented or torn. If the blade on your tape measure is damaged, you will need to repair the tape measure by replacing the blade. Be sure to select a replacement that is compatible with your tape measure. The package of replacement blades will indicate the tape measures it is designed to fit.

Things You'll Need:

  • Small Nail
  • Replacement Blade

Pull out the damaged tape measure blade all the way out until the hole at the end of the blade is exposed. Slide a small nail through the hole to hold the blade in the open position.

Rotate the damaged blade and the slot in it around the tab in the blade spring that secures the blade to the spring. Remove the old blade from the tab and discard it.

Open the replacement blade package just enough to expose the slot in the end of the blade. Pivot the slot over the tab in the blade spring and lock it into place.

Pull the nail out of the hole and hold onto the replacement blade. Remove the replacement blade carefully from the package and guide it slowly into the case of the tape measure until it is fully closed.


Keep your tape measure blade clean and always close it when not in use to help keep it in good condition.


  • Wear eye protection when replacing the tape measure blade.
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