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How to Attach Mylar

Mylar is sold by Dupont in giant 500 lb. rolls.
Gary Gladstone/Creatas/Getty Images

You can permanently attach Mylar to itself or another surface with a multipurpose spray adhesive. Mylar is a metallic polyester film often chosen for its strength, reflective quality and light weight. Mylar is easy to custom cut to the size needed for a project. A secure bond can be developed between thin polyester material and a flat surface when proper techniques are used. Attach some Mylar film to complete a project and make it shine.

Measure the flat surface the Mylar will be attached to. Trim the polyester film to the dimensions needed for the surface.

Clean the surface where the Mylar will attach. Dust and debris makes it difficult for the adhesive to hold onto the surface.

Open windows and turn on fans to increase ventilation in the work room. Spray the adhesive in a light even coat with the nozzle six to eight inches from the surface. Allow the adhesive to set up for 30 seconds after spraying.

Lay the Mylar onto the surface lightly. Press in the middle of the Mylar and work out toward the edges to avoid trapping air bubbles. Let the adhesive dry fully according to the Manufacturer's directions on the specific product you are using.

Things You'll Need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Towel
  • Multi-purpose spray adhesive


Purge the can of adhesive after you are done using it for the day. Hold it upside down and spray into an old box until no more adhesive comes out.

Mylar can be temporarily attached with duct tape.

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