How to Apply a Heat Transfer to Terry Towel Material

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A heat-transfer patch (or, “iron-on patch”) can be used to cover a hole in clothing or as pure decoration. To apply a heat-transfer patch to a towel made of terry towel material (aka “terry cloth”), you'll need a household iron. The other project supplies, including the transfer patch itself, are items that are commonly stocked in a craft store or hobby shop. Select a transfer patch designed for use with thicker material (such as terry cloth or denim), as opposed to one designed for use on thin cotton.

Set the iron on the "cotton" setting. Let the iron heat up for six minutes before continuing.

Place the terry towel material on the ironing board. Stretch out the material so that the area to receive the heat transfer is flat and free of wrinkles.

Place the heat transfer on the terry towel material, image side down. Place the transfer paper over the heat transfer.

Rotate the iron in a small circle as you move the iron from one corner of the heat transfer paper to the other. Reverse directions and return to where you started. Continue to move the iron over the paper for two minutes.

Remove the iron from the heat-transfer paper and turn the iron off. Remove the transfer paper from the terry towel material. Peel the heat transfer off. Let the terry towel material cool before taking it off the ironing board.

Things You'll Need

  • Ironing board
  • Iron
  • Heat transfer paper


  • Keep children and pets away from where you are ironing.


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