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House Design Games for Kids

House design games allow kids to use their creativity and artistic abilities.
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Children love to be creative, and house design games for kids give them opportunities to use their creativity and artistic abilities in creating the house of their dreams. For some kids, this may mean creating a design for a tree house, a doll house, a dog house or a house for human occupation. No matter what type of house they wish to design, kids can have complete control over all aspects, from the shape, to colors, to materials used.

Bob The Builder

Bob The Builder is a popular character with young children, and the Bob The Builder Design A House online game is geared toward this group. In this design game, kids choose the shape and roof style of the house, and then add a door, windows and a chimney. The game player can also click on several paint colors, along with the areas on the house she wishes to make that color. When the design is complete, it can be printed.

Tree Houses

Children love tree houses, and the next best thing to being in an actual tree house is designing your own tree house. The Design Your Own Tree House online game allows children to create not only a tree house, but an entire scene around the tree house. The children can choose a tree, the type of sky and type of house, and then add a windows, a door, dog, flowers, ladder, picnic basket, soccer ball, bird and many other objects.


Girls are especially enthralled with dollhouses, and some boys may share this enthusiasm and wish to design their own dollhouses. The Doll House Builder online game gives children a chance to do so, but this game goes beyond simply choosing sections and colors of their dollhouse. An interesting element of this game is that users must employ a crane function to drop selected items into place.

For Older Children

The House Design online game is geared toward children who are a bit older than those who may enjoy Bob The Builder and Doll House Builder. The House Design game, and others like it, allow users to be more specific about all elements of the houses they design. These games have a variety of house and roof shapes, doors, windows and other parts which are dragged into position. A few house design games have more choices in interior design than in the structure of the house; these games include Mina’s Beach House.

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