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Shoebox Projects for School

Shoebox projects serve as a useful learning tool for every grade level. They are fun projects for kids to make and they teach children about the subject that they are studying while allowing them to be creative and artistic. There are shoebox projects that will teach children the importance of giving to others who are less fortunate than themselves.


Most of us have had a teacher who has assigned us a shoebox diorama project. Dioramas are re-creations of a setting or a scene and should tell a story about a particular moment in the lives of the characters or animals in that scene. Shoe boxes are a good choice to use for making dioramas because they give them a three-dimensional feel and they are readily available to most kids.


Popular ideas for shoe box dioramas are jungle scenes, the solar system or a scene from a movie. A fun and easy-to-make diorama is one that is based on a child's favorite animal in its natural habitat. Kids love animals and enjoy learning about where and how they live. Have your child read about an animal that he likes, plan the diorama on paper first, this helps the child develop an idea where things should go inside of the box. Provide him with glue, paper, paint and scissors as well as materials such as grass, rocks, sticks and other items that would be in the habitat of the animal and let him create a three-dimensional diorama of the animal living in its natural environment.

Parade of Creativity

An easy project to make in art class is a shoe box float. Students will need a box, construction paper or gift wrap, glue, paint or markers and small toys or action figures. Have kids choose a theme for their float such as race cars or super heroes for boys, and mermaids and princesses for the girls. They can glue colored paper to the float, draw designs on the paper and then turn the box upside down, glue the lid to the end of the box to form a back drop and your float is done. Arrange dolls or action figures on the float and have a parade in the classroom.

Helping Others

One of the best shoebox projects for school kids teaches them about giving to those who are less fortunate. The Christmas Shoebox Project sends shoe boxes that are filled with toys, games, books, clothing, hygiene items and school supplies to needy children around the world. Have kids pack their shoebox and wrap it like a present. Attach a label stating the age of the child and if it's meant for a boy or a girl. Ages range from 2 to 14. Have the kids fill the boxes and include a note and a photo of themselves if they'd like the child who receives their gift to know a little about them. Contact local charities for information on sending the boxes to children in need.

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