Homemade Jedi Knight Costume

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Use the force, and a few crafting supplies, to create your own Jedi Knight costume. The Jedi Knight costume has gone through dramatic changes since it was first worn by Luke Skywalker, but many elements have remained the same. All Jedi Knight costumes consist of tunics, pants and lightsabers. The original "Return of the Jedi" costume is easily made and can be crafted in a single afternoon.

Easy Jedi Shirt and Pants

Luke Skywalker is arguably one of the most iconic Jedi Knights in the entire Star Wars saga. You can create his black shirt from a long-sleeved turtleneck. Cut the front center of the neck with a V. Turn the fabric edge over and stitch it in place to create a finished edge. Wear the turtleneck, untucked, with a straight-legged pair of black pants.

Easy Jedi Tunic and Belt

Create a charcoal-gray tunic and belt from T-shirts. The Jedi tunic is a variation of a traditional Colonial-style tunic. It can be created from an oversize, extra-long T-shirt. Cut the neckband off and trim it so that the T-shirt is boat-necked. Cut the sleeves away. Make a vertical cut from the bottom to the neckline at the center front of the T-shirt. Cut a wide band from another T-shirt to wear for a belt.

Duct Tape Jedi Boots

Jedi boots can be created from duct tape. Use a ballet slipper or flat shoe as a base. Slide a nylon stocking over your shoe and leg, and wrap the shoe portion and leg with black duct tape. Wrap it twice. Alternate between long and short pieces of tape. Cut a slit down the back of the boot so that the shoe can be removed. Punch holes along each back piece, and add metal grommets. Lace the boots up the back with cord.

Jedi Lightsaber

A lightsaber is every Jedi’s weapon of choice, so it is an essential element of any Jedi costume. The lightsaber handle can be created out of metal pipe, plastic pipe or even a large, duct-taped aluminum can. The most important piece of the lightsaber is the handle, but it can be designed to suit your preferences. Start with a base material like the plastic pipe. Insert the body portion of a sprinkler head into the end of the pipe and a glue it in place. Align the outside of the base of the lightsaber with O-rings. You can also fasten metal clamps along the light saber. Vary metals for a realistic look.