Homemade Ben 10 Costume

"Ben 10: Alien Force" is a popular cartoon television program that is a sequel series to "Ben 10." The main character, 10-year-old Ben Tennyson, wears blue or army green pants, a white and black T-shirt, a green jacket and black high-top sneakers. He also has a special device on his wrist that turns him in to an exciting range of alien heroes.

Ben 10's Shirt

Buy a plain white T-shirt and a swatch of black fabric that will be cut to about three inches wide and will fit from the center of the shirt collar and go all the way to the bottom of the shirt. Sew on or use heat-bonding fabric adhesive (which can be found at any fabric store) to affix the black strip of fabric to the white T-shirt.

Ben 10's Pants

A blue pair of jeans or dark khaki green Docker’s style pants will work for the bottoms that Ben 10 wears.

Ben 10's Jacket

Ben 10 sometimes wears a green work-out style jacket. A rayon or nylon-based jacket would work great. Two 1/2-inch strips of white fabric can be affixed around the upper right arm, spaced about an inch apart. Another strip of white fabric should be affixed to the left front part of the jacket from about the shoulder blade to the waist of the jacket. Next to the top of that white strip are white numbers “10” that you can buy at a fabric store or cut out using the white fabric for the jacket stripes.

The green jacket isn’t necessary, when looking at images of Ben 10; however, if the costume is for outdoor use, the jacket is a good idea.

Ben 10's Shoes

Black high-top sneakers like Converse brand Chuck Taylors look most like what Ben 10 wears.

Ben 10's Wrist Device

Ben wears a wrist band to change himself in to the Alien Force. Use a gray wrist sweat band and wrap a black digital watch around the wrist band.

If a digital watch isn’t in your possession, look in thrift shops for a cheap option or even nonworking option. A small jewelry box spray painted black and hot glued onto the gray wristband would look good if the watch is not an option.

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