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Happy Retirement Scrapbook Ideas

Do you know someone on the verge of retirement?
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If you've got a friend, relative or co-worker on the verge of retirement, create a scrapbook album that she'll treasure more than the typical store-bought gifts. Gather acid-free cardstock, photo-safe pens and archival safe adhesives, embellishments and page protectors to ensure the scrapbook pages and photos won't fade or turn brittle over time. Then, choose a theme for the happy retirement scrapbook that the retiree will cherish for years to come.

Commemorate Professional Accomplishments

Design a retirement scrapbook.
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Design a retirement scrapbook that looks back at the retiree’s career with photos and text that record notable projects, work-related achievements and professional awards. Create layouts featuring photocopies of certificates, commendations and newspaper clippings, for example. Ask former clients to contribute pictures, personal thank you notes and well wishes to include among the pages.

Document Heartfelt Messages

Produce a tribute album.
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Produce a tribute album by asking friends, family and co-workers for pictures of the retiree, along with written congratulations on retirement and wishes for the future. Try distributing squares of cardstock where loved ones can inscribe personal messages that you can easily affix to layouts with double-sided tape.

Record Office Memories

Create a scrapbook to capture personalities and images that the retiree will miss at the office.
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Create a short scrapbook to capture the images, events and personalities that the retiree will miss at the office. Design layouts featuring memories from corporate outings, conferences and holiday parties, for instance. Scrapbook photos of her desk and other sites around the office like the break room, reception area and the front doors. Put together “Day in the Life” layouts that document a typical day at the office, complete with photos and letters from managers and colleagues.

Capture the Retirement Party

Take pictures of co-workers and family members enjoying the refreshments.
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Make a scrapbook that depicts the games, food and atmosphere of the retirement party. Take pictures of co-workers and family members enjoying the refreshments, talking to the retiree or posing with one another. Add plain cardstock under each picture where the photo subjects can write a brief caption. Design a pocket page by affixing a piece of cardstock to the background page with double-sided tape placed along the two sides and bottom. Use it to hold mementos from the party, like napkins and pieces of streamers, wall hangings or door signs.

Look to the Future

Give the retiree a scrapbook where she can record adventures she'll experience after retirement.
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Give the retiree a scrapbook where he can record adventures he’ll experience after retirement. After a title page that includes favorite photos of the retiree, simply include layouts with blank photo mats to accommodate standard 4-by-6 inch photos and empty spots to add journal-style text. Design layouts with themed embellishments that cover his interests so he’ll be able to add pictures and notes after fishing excursions and vacations or complete layouts about hobbies, holidays and family gatherings.

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