Hanger Mobile Projects

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Transform a simple clothing hanger into a work of art with a few simple supplies. Hanger mobile projects are suitable for home decor or school presentations. The same basic skills are needed for each project, namely the ability to tie things to a hanger. The simplicity of this craft makes it suitable for all ages and readily adaptable to a variety of crafting needs. Children will enjoy making these hanger mobile projects to decorate their bedrooms.

Toys in the Air

For a decoration for a child's bedroom, hang a few favorite toys on a hanger. Position two hangers together in a crossed arrangement to add extra depth and dimension to your project. Hang toy cars and planes for a transportation-themed bedroom, or party-favor jewelry pieces in a little girl's dress-up area. For a baby, hang small jungle animals or rubber ducks.

Nursery Decor

Paint wooden shapes from the craft store in black and white patterns for baby's developing eyes. Add jingle bells for an auditory element, and cover the hangers with primary colored ribbons for the finishing touch. Keep the mobile well out of the baby's reach.

Academic Reports

A hanger mobile makes a creative format for a three-dimensional book report. Put the title of the book on a piece of paper and tape it to the top of the hanger, then hang informational pictures and hand-written or typed paragraphs from the bottom. Each addition to the hanger describes a particular element from the book, such as the characters or plot.

Along the same lines, a hanger mobile can become a vocabulary report by hanging a word on the top of the hanger and displaying its definition, synonyms and antonyms and examples of its uses on the bottom of the mobile.

Creative Display

If you make small items to sell at craft fairs or art shows, a hanger mobile can become a display rack. Tie long, inch-wide strips of grosgrain ribbon from the hanger. Use the ribbons to hold hair bows, pins, buttons or other small craft and jewelry creations that can affix directly to the ribbon. Hanger mobiles are easy to display from the roof of a tent or from a metal rod or clothes hanger bar in your sale setup area, and they provide a simple way to keep track of your products in transit to and from the show. Each hanger can hold items in a certain price point, with the price displayed at the top of the hanger.


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