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How to Make a Wire Puzzle

A homemade wire puzzle is easy and economical to make. You can make a wire puzzle from the wire hangers in your closet or you can dress it up by making it out of refined wire from the hardware store. A homemade wire puzzle makes an entertaining gift for just about any age. Follow these simple instructions to make a challenging and entertaining wire puzzle. The fun begins when you pass the puzzle around for your friends to solve.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • 2 Wire Hangers Or 14 Gauge Wire
  • Broom Handle

Using wire cutters, cut off the hook and twists from the wire hangers. Straighten the wire by bending it. Use a broom handle and pliers to bend one end of the wire to form the first loop. Using pliers, twist the end of the wire twice to close the loop. Make a second loop 3” apart from the first loop, creating a barbell shape. Trim the twisted ends of the wire close to each loop.

Make a second barbell piece with the loops 6” apart and bend it into a horseshoe or “U” shape. Bend the loops into ovals and pass the first 3” barbell piece through both oval-shaped loops. If you have difficulty passing the barbell piece through the loops, bend those loops into an oval as well. After the barbell piece is passed through the loops of the horseshoe, bend all the oval loops back into circles. This will lock the 3” barbell piece in place.

Bend a 10” piece of wire into a heart shape, making the valley between the two rounded humps deep enough to measure ¾ of the height of the heart. Make sure the valley of the heart is half the diameter of the loops. Measure this by eyeballing with the heart pieces and loops side by side. Adjust the size of the valley if necessary. Twist the ends of the “V” shape together twice to close the heart. Cut the twisted ends as close as possible.

Hold the horseshoe with the loops on the top in your left hand and the upright heart in your right. Pass the valley of the heart through the right loop of the barbell and wiggle the heart onto the horseshoe. Your wire puzzle is complete.


To give your homemade wire puzzle a finished look, consider using 14 gauge stainless steel wire.


  • Cutting wires sometimes leaves sharp edges that can cut or scratch fingers or skin. Use the metal file to file off any sharp edges. Wear protective gloves while building your puzzle.
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