Girl Scout Friendship Stick Craft

Turn a plain stick into a symbol of friendship.
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Giving someone a friendship stick is a symbolic demonstration of appreciation for the bond you share with her; whether you decide to give the token to a fellow scout or a nonmember, the stick should be given to a person with whom you feel a strong connection. Friendship sticks can come in a variety of forms, so spend a bit of time planning out your stick design before crafting.

Choosing A Stick

A friendship stick craft can be completed using any kind of stick the scout desires, so it's important to survey the available supplies before making a decision. For instance, if there aren't very many crafting supplies to go around, conserve items like paint by making small friendship sticks out of popsicle sticks or clothespins. Similarly, gauge your budget when selecting a stick to use; if you don't want to spend a cent on the stick, or if you want a stick with an interesting shape, venture out for a nature hike to search for fallen twigs and branches.

The Meaning of the X

An important symbol to include on your friendship stick is an "X" that is comprised of five colors; these colors include red, yellow, black, blue and green, and they represent each color represented in the flags of the world. The combination of these colors to form the "X" is symbolic of the hope for eventual world peace, and it demonstrates that your friendship with the stick recipient is a step in the right direction towards this goal. Depending on the composition of your stick, you could form this symbol using markers, paints or even colored pieces of tape.

Other Color Meanings

Include a series of different colored buttons or dots on the stick to symbolize other important values. Paint the top of the stick green to represent scouting, or simply include a small green dot somewhere on the stick to represent your recognition of the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Blue represents present and future life, while brown represents the past. Blue can also be used to represent meditation, while red can symbolize a joyous heart or preparation. Black symbolizes preparation and white symbolizes hope. Gold can be used to represent special gifts or old friends, while silver can represent new friends. Use these colors to tell your own story for a personalized friendship stick.


Depending on the size and shape of the stick you choose to decorate, you could present the gift in a variety of ways. For instance, use craft glue to attach a pin at the back of a small stick or popsicle stick and wrap it in a box as a piece of jewelry the recipient can wear. Larger sticks don't require wrapping; instead, simply present the stick as-is, or attach a colorful ribbon or bow to the top. If you are giving the gift to a nonmember, consider including a key to explain the meanings of each color you used.