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How to Get Rid of Jigsaw Puzzles

These steps will help you put together your very own jigsaw puzzle business.
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You love to take time to piece jigsaw puzzles together, but once you finish one you put the box in the pile with the rest of them and start a new one. After a while you are left with quite a collection of used jigsaw puzzles, but there are creative and profitable ways to clear away you jigsaw clutter.

Glue the pieces together according to the instructions on a bottle of puzzle glue. Frame the glued puzzle to create your own personal wall art. Throw the box away or recycle the cardboard to get rid of the bulky clutter.

Establish a puzzle-trading group with friends. Each member buys a puzzle and trades with everyone else once it's finished. This is a great way to connect with friends while recycling your puzzles. They may be old to you but they are new to someone else.

Donate finished puzzles to schools, nursing homes and community centers. Clean out your closet to make room for new puzzles while giving others a chance to keep their minds sharp and find a new hobby.

Have a yard sale. Get rid of all your clutter, including jigsaw puzzles, and make a little money too. Ask friends to add their merchandise into the yard sale too.

Sell your used puzzles on eBay.

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