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Puzz 3D Instructions

3D puzzles have form, volume and shape.
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Puzz 3D puzzles are created by Hasbro Games, though they were first produced by Wrebbit starting in 1991. In 2005, Hasbro purchased Wrebbit games and started releasing Puzz 3D under their own brand. Hundreds of Puzz 3D puzzles are available for puzzle fans to put together. They arrive in sheets, which are broken apart. To complete a puzzle, just organize the pieces by shape and color and work from the base up.

Pop your puzzle pieces apart, setting aside pieces with red dots on them as you go.

Separate your pieces into three groups: Jigsaw pieces, Square pieces and Solid edge pieces. Jigsaw pieces look like standard puzzle pieces. Square pieces have a jigsaw piece shape, as well as square cut prongs on either side of the piece. These are the pieces that start the vertical walls of the puzzle. Solid edge pieces have a flat edge on one or more sides. These form the base and edges of windows in the 3D puzzle.

Sort these piles according to color, style and design.

Put together the base of the piece first using Solid edge pieces.

Complete the walls of the 3D puzzle.

Complete the top of the 3D puzzle to finish it.


  • If missing pieces, check the red dot pieces you set aside to make sure pieces are attached to them.
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