Fun Physical Activities for Kids

Physical activities provide exercise for kids.
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Children need some sort of physical activity for healthy body development. Physical activities help kids maintain physical fitness, as well as overall health and wellness. Teach your children games that are fun to keep them interested in playing more. Get the kids moving and off the couch with some physical activities they will enjoy.

Scavenger Hunt

Make a scavenger hunt for your kids indoors or outdoors. Hide several small plastic toys or pieces of candy around the house or in the backyard. Give your kids a small paper sack to store their “treasures” as they find them. When you say, “Go,” the kids have to find as many “treasures” as they can. The child who finds the most items wins the scavenger hunt. If possible, play the game outside and scatter the items everywhere to allow more room to run.

One Leg Challenge

Have all the children stretch and practicing standing on one leg. Create a one-leg challenge by getting each kid to stand on one leg and see who can stand that way the longest. If his other foot touches the ground at any time, he is out of the game. The last player standing on one leg wins the game. Make the activity more challenging by having the kids hop on one leg the entire time.

Workout Video

Purchase a workout video for children. Videos, such as Denise Austin's "Fit Kids" and "I Can Do Yoga" are available online and at many retail stores. The videos target physical activities and movements for children. If your children have a Wii video console, they can play games such as "Biggest Loser" and "Just Dance." These games encourage fitness and competition. Not only is this a workout for your kids, but they can have fun while participating in physical exercise.

Balloon Juggle

Play balloon juggle with a group of children. Give each kid an inflated balloon and tell her to practice hitting the balloon in the air to prevent it from hitting the ground. Use a mix of balloon colors, but make sure there is at least three of each color. Have all the kids hit their balloons in the air and tell them to separate into groups based on the color of their balloons. If any kid’s balloon hits the ground, everyone must start over. If you only have a couple of children playing, tell them to see how long they can keep their balloon in the air. Time them and have them try to beat their fastest time each time they play.