Fun Outdoor Games for Adults

Don't get caught lying around at your next outdoor event.
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Family reunions, cookouts, company events and block parties are all opportunities to play outdoor games. Don't let the kids have all the fun with the games--design some in which your adult guests can compete as well. These outdoor competitions can test the adults' athletic or their ability to think quickly.

Hula Hoop Competitions

Adults can  have fun with hula hoops.
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Create a few games with a hula hoop to help your adult guests feel like children once again. See who out of your group can use his hips to keep a hula hoop in the air the longest. Play some less-traditional games as well, such as seeing who can throw the hula hoop the farthest or who can toss it onto the branch of a tree. Help your guests get to know each other and get "close," as they compete over which team can fit the most people inside of a hula hoop.

The Shoe Race

The shoe race is another fun activity.
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Ask all of your guests to remove their shoes. Place them all in a pile and mix them up so the pairs are not together. Divide the guests into two teams. You can then play this game as a relay race, with one person at a time from each team racing to put her shoes on and returning to the back of the line before the next person can go to the pile. You can also do it as a free-for-all, with the all the players trying to find their shoes at once and team members returning to "base" after putting their own shoes on. The first team with all of its members back at "base" wearing their shoes wins.

Shaving Competition

This game is foamy fun for all.
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Conduct a shaving competition--without razors. Have players partner up into teams of two. One player on each team covers the other player's face with shaving cream, covering the whole face except the eyes. The partner must then remove the shaving cream using only a small plastic spoon. The spoon end must be used to remove the shaving cream--removing the shaving cream using the handle end is cheating. The first pair to remove all of the shaving cream wins the competition.

Blindfolded Beverage Guessing Game

Blindfolds and drinks are needed for this game.
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Pour six to ten cups of different beverages. Blindfold contestants and have them try to guess what each beverage is. Do not reveal the correct answers until every player has had a chance to compete. At the end of the game, reveal the correct answers and which contestant guessed the most correctly. This can even be divided up into different types of beverage categories such as sodas, cocktails, and beers. Players can compete in one or multiple categories.