Fun Games to Play at the Bowling Alley for Prizes

Make your bowling alley fun a night to remember.
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Whether participating in a bowling party or simply a night of fun at the bowling alley, try adding more fun into the mix by playing bowling alley games. Play games that feature silly walks or dances, trivia games or any game for which you can award prizes.

Silly Walks Game

Play a silly walks bowling game and award prizes for the best silly walk as well as the best bowling score while performing a silly walk. Encourage participants to get as creative and goofy as they want, such as starting from the very back of the seating area and running to the lane while holding the ball in the air. Other ideas include alternating between skipping and galloping, hopping on one leg and performing assorted dance moves.

Speed Singing Games

Play speed singing games while bowling. Have participants see how much of a certain song they can sing before their ball reaches the pins, or select a few songs from which participants can choose from, though all the songs should be about the same in length. Add other elements to the game such as speed singing in a funny voice or accent, or have participants perform a dance move while singing. Award prizes to the participant who successfully completes the song or most of the song for each round you play.

Team Bowling

Split participants into teams of two, three or four depending on how many people in your group are bowling. Teams are given a "task" to perform while bowling, such as bowling backwards, bowling in slow motion, bowling with eyes closed, bowling with their non-dominant hand or bowling while sitting. Each team member must successfully complete the task given, which can also include knocking over a certain number of pins for each round completed. Teams that do not successfully carry out their given task will not earn points; for example a successful task completion will earn them one or five points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Trivia Games

Play trivia games while bowling. Ask participants questions while their ball makes its way to the pins, such as trivia questions about the birthday boy or girl if at the bowling alley for a birthday party. Participants can be given plastic rings or other small trinkets for each correctly answered question. The participant with the most items at the end of the game wins a prize. How many questions you want to ask per turn is up to you.