Fun Fair Games for Children

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Fair games are a popular activity for fundraisers, school fairs, carnivals, harvest festivals and carnival-themed birthday parties. Children of all ages enjoy simple games and can get very excited over the most inexpensive of prizes--it's the thrill of the win that counts. Sell tickets for game participation to raise money for your next fundraiser or school fair and have plenty of simple prizes on hand for the winners, no matter what the event, from fundraiser to child's party.

Horse Races

Track lanes on grass for a game.
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This multi-player game is designed for up to six players. Build a straight racetrack with six lanes; block out ten spaces vertically along the length of each lane, creating a perfect grid that's six lanes wide and 10 rows long. Number the first horizontal row of spaces with the numbers one through six, labeling the lanes. Label the last horizontal row with the letters "F-I-N-I-S-H." Use horses or other animals for game pieces. The game operator throws a die. The game piece in the numbered lane that corresponds with the number on the die moves forward one space. The first person to cross the finish line wins a prize.

Duck Pond

Wading pool for duck pond game.
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This game is designed for very small children, requiring only participation to win a prize. Create a duck pond out of an inexpensive plastic wading pool. Fill it with water and add rubber duckies, each with a number on the bottom. The game operator has numbered prizes. The little players choose their ducks from the pond (one each) and "win" the prizes with the numbers that match their ducks' numbers.

Ring, Beanbag or Coin Toss

Ring toss game.
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Children of all ages enjoy these games. Place full soda bottles on a table and have kids try to toss rings around the bottles. Each child who successfully rings a bottle wins a prize. Cut holes in a cardboard box or a sheet of plywood. Children try to toss a beanbag through one of the holes and everyone who gets one in wins a prize. Place small glasses close together on a table. Players toss coins at the glasses and win a prize when they "sink" one.

Fishing Pond

Bamboo sticks.
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Children can “fish” for prizes with a bamboo stick or wooden dowel with a clothespin attached to the end of a string to serve as the hook. The child "casts" the string over a piece of cardboard painted to look like a pond and covered in prizes. The game operator attaches the nearest prize to the clothespin. Be sure to have prizes that can be "hooked" with a clothespin.