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How to Fix an Electronic Lightsaber

Lightsabers are mystical, ultra-powerful energy swords from the popular Star Wars fantasy universe. Unfortunately, many toy lightsabers are not built to withstand the vigorous use they encounter in the hands of excited fans. If your lightsaber has begun to malfunction, or you are looking for replacement parts for a broken lightsaber, you'll be glad to know that there are a number of resources available to get your weapon back into fighting condition.

Determine what elements of your lightsaber are broken. It is important to narrow down the specific problems that are causing your lightsaber to malfunction, as repairs can become extremely costly.

Check the battery compartment of your lightsaber. Ensure that the batteries in the lightsaber are charged, and that the battery holder has not broken loose from its plastic mounting brackets. Many people mistakenly believe they have completely broken their lightsabers after a strong impact because they will no longer power on. Oftentimes, the impact simply knocks the battery holder out of place so that the contacts are no longer touching the battery. Simply snap the battery holder back into place. If a wire has come loose leading to the battery holder, you can use a soldering iron to solder the wire back into place.

Check the hilt for damage to the on/off switch or frayed wiring. Sometimes a lightsaber will break at the hilt, exposing some of the interior wiring, or compromising the power switch so that it no longer functions. If the hilt has received only physical damage you can attempt to repair it with super glue followed by a quick coat of epoxy once the glue has dried. If any wiring is exposed, or if you've damaged the power switch, you will likely need to order a replacement hilt which can be fit onto the blade of your existing lightsaber.

Examine the lightsaber blade for cracking, breakage or delamination. The blade is often damaged more than any other part of the lightsaber, as it usually takes the brunt of impact during play fights. These blades can be made of plastic or treated glass depending on the manufacturer and model. It is extremely unwise to continue playing with a lightsaber that has a cracked or shattered blade, as very sharp edges can cause cuts or shards can fly off during use. Replacement blades can be ordered from a few specialty shops, or from the original manufacturer.

Send an extensively damaged lightsaber to a professional for repair. Occasionally, damage to the lightsaber can occur inside of the LED strand or to the micro-controller that processes sound effects and lighting cues. Damage to these portions of the lightsaber are much more difficult to diagnose and repair, often requiring an understanding of complex electrical engineering. Both Force FX Lightsabers and The Custom Saber Shop offer repair options for damaged lightsabers (see Resources).

Things You'll Need:

  • Active Internet connection
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement batteries
  • Soldering Iron (optional)
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