Finger Crochet Instructions

YARN BASKET image by brelsbil from

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn (any weight and color)
  • Scissors

If you are searching for a simple and fast way to use up scraps of yarn, one way is to finger crochet. When you finger crochet, there is no need for crochet hooks because the only tools you use are your hands. In a short time, you can create a length of crocheted yarn that you can fashion into headbands, necklaces, bracelets or even belts.

Create a slipknot approximately 5 inches from the end of the yarn. Insert your index finger through the slipknot.

Grasp the long length of yarn (not the short tail) with your index finger as your finger is still through the slipknot. Hook this yarn with your index finger.

Pull the yarn back through the slipknot using your index finger. Tighten the knot as tightly as you desire (keep it loose or make it tight, depending upon the finished look you want).

Pull the new loop out from the knot and insert your index finger into this loop. Hook the yarn with your index finger again.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to make your finger crochet chain as long as you desire.

Tie an overhand knot and cut off the excess yarn when your crocheted chain is the length you want.


  • Using yarns of different weights will give you vastly different crocheted results. Experiment with heavy weights and very fine weights of yarn. You can even use embroidery floss to create a fine strand for jewelry. The tightness of your knots will also determine the finished appearance.