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User Guide for the IBM Wheelwriter 5

The IBM Selectric System/2000 Wheelwriter 5 is an older-model electronic typewriter that came out in 1984 and was considered an advanced typewriter for its time. It was developed by IBM and made by Lexmark.


The IBM Wheelwriter 5 has such features as a 96-character adjustable keyboard, 256-character correction memory, automatic return, automatic underline and automatic centering. It also has a special feature containing 7,000 characters that will store jobs to be changed or accessed at a later date. It has an alternate keyboard that allows for typing in other languages.


Lexmark International Inc. was created by IBM and Dubilier Inc. in 1991 to develop, manufacture and sell office supplies such as typewriters. Lexmark is licensed to use certain IBM trademarks such as the Wheelwriter series of typewriters.

IBM Wheelwriter 5 User Guide

A copy of the IBM Wheelwriter 5 user guide can be found on the Lexmark website under Publications. There is a "Select a Product" menu beside "IBM Typewriters." From the menu, select "IBM Selectric System/2000 Wheelwriter 5 Operator's Guide" and a copy of the guide will come up in PDF format.

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