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Eyeglass Holder Pin Crafts

Make unique holders to carry your sunglasses.
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Almost everyone can use eyeglass holders. Many of those who don't wear prescription glasses wear sunglasses. Instead of paying a lot for eyeglass holders, make your own unique pin holders in a designer look or a fun and creative design. They make great gifts or a useful do-it-yourself craft for a rainy day.

Especially good for people that don't, or can't, wear necklaces--a glasses holder pin not only makes a style statement, it's a really handy thing to have.

Transform Pins

Turn your favorite broach into an eyeglass holder pin by adding a metal loop.
Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images

Have a favorite broach that you love to wear? Transform it into an eyeglass holder by using jewelry cement/adhesive to attach a loop to the back large enough for the eyeglass temple (part that goes back to the ear) to slip through. Jewelry loops can be purchased at hobby stores or online.

Create You Own Pin

If you have a pin that is circular, you already have a glasses pin.
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There are lots of kits to make your own eyeglass holder pins. But if you're the creative type who likes the custom, designer look--then make your own. The only difference between making any broach, cameo, or pin is you'll need to add a loop to slip your glasses through to carry them.

Magnetic Pins

Now you can even buy magnetic findings to transform your jewelry into eyeglass holder pins. The magnetic jewelry findings work great to hold metal glasses frames and keep them from falling if you bend or jump around. These work great for active people who wear glasses or sunglasses.

Buy Online

There are lots of online sites that sell pre-made eyeglasses holder pins in a large variety of styles. If you don't have time to make your own, buy one online and add an embellishment or two of your own. Use jewelry adhesive to glue on an initial, a birthstone, or just bling it up with craft store additions.

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