Emperor Penguin Crafts

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The emperor penguin is easily recognizable with its orange and yellow coloring on the neck and head. It is also the largest penguin and can reach heights of up to 3 – 4 feet. Use crafts to help teach children about the emperor penguin, or create emperor penguin crafts just for fun.

Stamping Crafts

Create penguin crafts by using a stamping technique. Cut a large and small potato in half lengthwise. Dip a large potato half into black paint and stamp it onto a piece of blue construction paper to form the penguin's body. Dip a small potato half in white paint and stamp it onto the black body to create the white front of an emperor penguin's chest. Use orange paint to add color to the penguin's neck and head. Cut paper to create the shape of the wings and beak. Add googly eyes and cotton balls to the bottom to create snow.

You can also create an emperor penguin by dipping fingers into paint and stamping them onto paper. Use black on the thumb to create the body and use white on the pinky finger to create the smaller white chest. Embellish with orange paint for the neck and head coloring and the beak. Apply this paint with a brush. Paint on eyes and wings and use white craft glue and glitter to create snow.

Puppet Crafts

Create emperor puppet crafts and put on a performance. Use a paper bag to create a puppet. Draw the penguin onto the bag. Paint the chest white and the neck orange. Paint the rest of the paper bag black. Add googly eyes to the puppet. Cut a beak shape out of construction paper and add it to the bag as the beak.

Another type of puppet to make is a stick puppet.Draw a picture of the penguin, color it and cut it out. Add a craft stick to the puppet.

Costume Crafts

Create an emperor penguin craft for a performance or imaginative fun. Use a black paper plate to create a make. Cut eye holes and add a craft foam beak. Attach a piece of elastic to the mask to hold it in onto the face. Use fabric paint to paint the color of a white turtleneck orange. Wear a black cardigan sweater or cut a black sweatshirt up the middle to create a cardigan. Wear black pants to complete the costume.

There are other ways to create an emperor penguin mask. Cut a penguin face shape out of craft foam and cut eye holes. Attach white and orange craft foam pieces to create the facial coloring and the beak. Attach a piece of elastic to keep the mask in place.

Other Emperor Penguin Craft

There are many ways to create emperor penguin crafts. Make an emperor penguin out of a toilet paper roll. Paint the roll black and add the white and orange details by cutting and gluing construction paper pieces onto the roll. Add buttons for eyes or use googly eyes.

You can also create an emperor penguin finger puppet craft by cutting a finger off of a black knit glove. Cut a white chest out of felt and an orange neck and beak. Add beads or googly eyes to complete the craft.