Easy Fundraiser Crafts

Handmade crafts are a great fundraising item, because they offer an original purchase that not everyone will already have, in contrast to the usual school or church fundraisers. These fundraiser crafts are inexpensive to make and can, in turn, be sold fairly cheaply so that your fundraiser is a success.

Flower Pens

These require just plain stick-type ballpoint pens, floral tape, hot glue, craft wire cutters and artificial flowers. To keep costs low, find the pens and flowers at a dollar store or at Walmart. You can cut the flowers near the top of the stem, leaving a few inches to secure them to the pens, or you can cut the stem as long as the pen. Large flowers may need a dot of hot glue on the end of the pen to stay attached to it, while smaller ones will be secure enough that they don’t need glue. Wrap the floral tape around the stem and pen, wrapping all the way down and stopping at the pen tip. You may want to wind it all the way back up again, but it will be less time-consuming and more conservative with the use of the tape if you don’t. Children can do this craft as well, if they are old enough to wind the tape and hold the flowers in place. This can be adapted to wire and nylon butterflies or wiggly insects from the craft store, or added to with pretty or glittery ribbons as well.


If you have a large pool of people to draw on for this fundraiser craft, so much the better. Making these bookmarks is easy but requires an array of old greeting cards. Christmas, birthday, thank you or any other cards all work great for making bookmarks. Cut off the written-on insides and just use the front covers of the cards. You will also need thin cardboard, such as cereal box cardboard. You can cut this from old boxes or buy it at craft stores. Cut the cardboard into bookmark-sized strips and cut the greeting cards to match. You can also use old wrapping paper in place of the cards. Glue the card to the cardboard, or laminate them together if you have the option. Glue another piece of card or paper to the back of the cardboard so both sides are attractive. Punch a hole in one end and tie a few pieces of yarn or ribbon to make a tassel, and you can even add a bead knotted onto the ribbon or yarn if you like. If your fundraiser is for a school or an organization, you may want to print out colored copies of its logo or a slogan related to the fundraiser and glue these on the bookmarks instead, depending on the time and cost this involves for you.

Marble Magnets

These pretty and easy-to-make magnets are great for any age to make, and the supplies aren’t very expensive. They also can be personalized for different fundraising activities, such as flower images for a garden or nature walk project, the school mascot for school fundraisers, or music notes and instruments for musical groups. Cut images from magazines, scrapbooking paper, computer-printed images or your own drawings. Flat-sided clear craft marbles can be found at any craft store and many mass retailers including Walmart. You will also need small, strong round magnets, also found in bulk at craft stores, and strong, clear craft glue. To make the magnets, cut tiny images the size of the back of the marble. You can do this by tracing the marble onto paper and cutting to that size, or using a large hole punch. Put a drop of glue on top of the picture and put the flat side of the marble against it. Do the same to attach the magnet to the other side of the picture. Let it dry, and you have a pretty and easy craft to sell for fundraising. Make matched sets or series of magnets to sell together, too. You can also make this craft into bulletin board pushpins by attaching them to flat-backed pushpins instead of magnets.