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How to Preserve Flowers in Glass Paperweights

Preserve the beauty of flowers inside glass paperweights.
flowers image by below from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Plain paper
  • Books
  • Weights or bricks
  • Clear glass paperweight kit
  • Pencil
  • Plain or colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Small paintbrush
  • Decoupage glue
  • Felt


Glass paperweight kits come in many different options according to taste. There are domed, rectangle, triangle and even flat glass paperweights to choose from.

Setting flowers into glass paperweights is an easy way to enjoy garden flowers every day, all year long. The glass paperweight becomes functional as well as decorative when combined with flowers and set out to be used and admired.

Prepare the Flowers

Select and pick multiple fresh smaller flowers, or one or two larger flowers you wish to preserve in the glass paperweight. Pick the flowers while they are in full bloom. Make sure each flower's moisture content is low, but that it hasn't begun to dry and wilt.

Place the flower on top of one sheet of plain paper, than put them inside of an open book. Take note of how the flower is laying on the paper. Adjust the flower to the desired look and position you want showing through the glass paperweight.

Put the other sheet of plain paper over the flower and close the book. Lay a heavy object, such as workout weights or bricks, over the book. Keep the weights on top of the book for at least two weeks.

Make the Paperweight

Purchase a clear glass kit containing a flat-bottomed paperweight. Take the weights off the book and carefully remove the preserved flower from between the two sheets of plain paper.

Pick out plain or colored paper for the paperweight's background. Lay the glass paperweight on top of the chosen background paper and trace the entire outline of the paperweight with a pencil. Use scissors to cut the outline from the sheet of paper. Place the multiple flowers or single flower on top of the paper in any desired design.

Seal the flowers to the background paper with a small paintbrush and a tiny bit of decoupage glue. Cover the entire top of the flower design and background paper with more decoupage glue with the paintbrush. Apply a thin layer of decoupage glue to the entire surface of the bottom of the glass paperweight. Firmly press the top glass paperweight onto the bottom flower background. Push down hard to remove any air bubbles or pockets. Allow the flower glass paperweight to completely dry before moving.

Lay the flower glass paperweight on top of a piece of felt paper and outline with a pencil. Cut the outline of the flower glass paperweight with a pair of scissors. Paint a thin layer of decoupage glue onto the bottom of the paperweight and press the felt paper on top of the glue. This felt bottom reduces the risk of damage from sliding and moving the glass paperweight around on surfaces.

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