Easter Games to Print & Play

You can find a wide variety of free, printable Easter games and activities online. You can find simple coloring pages and activities for younger children, and Easter-themed word games and puzzles for older children. You can print most activities in black and white, then color them yourself with markers or colored pencils. Some activities might require heavier paper, such as card stock, or even lamination if you plan to re-use them.

Coloring Page Activities

You can download PDF files of printable coloring pages with Easter imagery from a variety of websites. For a large selection of Easter-themed coloring pages, look at the Easter section of freekidscoloring.com. Disney’s “Family Fun” magazine online provides fun coloring page activities, such as a connect-the-dots game and a maze puzzle that doubles as a coloring page. Look for these activities and more in the “Easter Printables” section of the website.

Word Puzzles

Look for word puzzles with Easter vocabulary in the “Easter Themed Worksheets” section of dltk-holidays.com. You’ll find classic crossword puzzles and word searches, along with cryptograms, word scrambles, word mining and more. In the word-mining game, kids try to form as many words as they can from a single Easter word or phrase. You can also generate your own word puzzles with a fun list of Easter words at atozteacherstuff.com or the “Puzzlemaker” section of discoveryeducation.com; follow the first two resource links below. You can make your own word searches, cryptograms and crossword puzzles.

Print and Cut Games

You can print out a variety of game and card templates online that you can then cut out and play. DLTK offers printable Easter bingo card, Easter dominoes, Easter memory game pieces and an Easter jigsaw puzzle. For better durability, print these game pieces on heavy card stock. You can also laminate your printed bingo game boards and memory game pieces if you wish. In the Easter memory game, players take turns flipping over two cards at a time, trying to find a pair of identical images. Players must remember the locations of previous cards they have flipped to find pairs. The Easter bingo cards contain classic Easter images in each box. Use coins or candy pieces to mark boxes as they are called aloud.



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