Do It Yourself Wedding Cigar Bar

There are a wide variety of cigars from which to choose.
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Cigars are a very desirable item for guests at wedding receptions, especially among gentlemen of legal smoking age. If you plan on adding a cigar bar to your wedding, you can easily do it yourself while making it blend with the rest of the decorations. Homemade wedding cigar bars also can cost as little as the price of your cigars plus a few decorations, and they can fit into any type of wedding, whether the theme is traditional, outdoors, exotic or modern.

Things You'll Need

  • Decorations
  • Variety Of Cigars
  • Tablecloth (Optional)
  • Cigar Display Cases (Optional)
  • Table

Allocate an entire table for the bar when planning your reception. It does not matter what shape or color the table is if you plan on covering it with a cloth. Place this table against or near a wall of your choice, which will most likely be where other tables, such as the gift table and cake or dessert table, are.

Cover the table with a cloth if your reception is to fancy, traditional or any other elegant type of party. A white tablecloth is most appropriate for the majority of situations, and the tablecloth should be able to reach the ground all the way around the table.

Decorate the table to match the rest of the decorations, according to your theme. For example, if you have a traditional reception, you may want to line the edges of the table with tulle or flowers, but if you have a Hawaiian Tiki theme, you may want to use an uncovered wooden table with a grass skirt tied around it.

Purchase a variety of cigars. Take orders or prepare a list of specific cigar types for guests to reserve ahead of time. This will keep people pleased, as well as eliminate the headache of not knowing what to get. It will also help you to decide the number of cigars to get. One to two cigars per smoking guest should be plenty.

Display the cigars on your table creatively. Leave some cigars in their boxes, take some and lay them out in a "fan" or "spread deck of cards" shape and place others in a display case, if you have one available. Also, leave all cigars of the same type together to keep the appearance of the displays organized.

Provide small cards with information about each cigar type to really impress your guests. These cards can include information about where the cigar was made, its specific taste, the rarity of the brand or type and any other information you feel guests might like to know. Display these cards across the table, near their specific cigar types. Place multiple copies of each card if you wish to allow guests to keep them.

Provide each cigar-smoking guest with a packet of matches. They can be placed at the cigar bar or at their reserved seats.


  • The cigars should be available for guests to take as they please throughout the entire reception.