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How to Do a Homemade "Feud" Game

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"Family Feud" is a popular game show that can be watched on television or played online via a Facebook app. Followers of the game may wish to create their own feud game to play at their next family reunion. The game can even be adapted by teachers to play in a classroom setting. The game will need to be set up ahead of time, but the procedure is fairly simple.

Create a total of nine questions, their answers and coordinating points. There are a few ways you can get this information. You can watch "Family Feud" on your television and write down the information as you view it, or you can join Facebook and play the game for free through their application. Record the information as you play. Teachers can create their own questions and survey 100 students to get answers and coordinating points.

Write out a question on the top of a large piece of poster board. Underneath the question, go the answers with their coordinating points. Put the answers in order, with the most popular answers at the top. Cover the answers and their point values with strips of black construction paper. You need to be able to remove each strip when that answer is given. Repeat so that you have four questions, each on their own poster board, for a total of four rounds of feuding.

List your last five questions on note cards. These are the questions you will read during the Fast Money round of the game. You do not need to worry about listing the answers and corresponding points. You can look up this information at the end of the game.

Organize two teams of five family members each. Name them Team A and Team B or allow them to come up with their own team names. Direct one team to sit on the right side of the room (or table) while the other team sits to the left.

Choose a host and a scorekeeper. The host will call up one family member from each team to begin each round. The first player to shout out an answer gets to see how many points that answer received. The second player's answer is revealed only if the first player's answer wasn't the top answer on the board. The player with the highest points can opt for his team to play or pass.

Play each round making sure to double the points of the third round and triple the points during the fourth round. The team that plays each round can play until three wrong answers are given. If all of the answers haven't been revealed, the opposing team will have a chance to steal. If the opposing team gives a correct answer, they win all the points. If not, the playing team keeps all the points.

Send the team with the most points at the end of the fourth round to play Fast Money. Only two of the five teammates can play this round. Have the host call the first teammate up to the front of the room while the second teammate leaves the room so he can't hear the answers. Ask the first player the questions and record the answers. Call in the second player and repeat.

Give the scorekeeper time to add up the points from the answers given by both players. If the total reaches at least 200 points, the entire team wins a prize.

Things You'll Need:

  • Poster board sheets
  • Markers
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Notecards


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