DIY Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs (Free Printable)

As the most bun-derful time of the year approaches, bloggers and DIYers everywhere are feeling the pressure to up their basket-adorning, ham-honey-baking, Peeps-promoting, egg-decorating game. But don't sweat it: eHow has you covered across the board, especially with this easy, adorable Easter-egg technique. Simply print the free template and follow the directions below for a charming holiday display.

Cutest! Eggs! Ever!

Download, Print, and Cut Out Free Printable Tattoos

Load your printer with the temporary tattoo paper, then print the provided designs onto the shiny side of the paper. Allow the ink to dry, then follow the directions on the tattoo paper package on how to apply the clear, adhesive layer onto the design. Then, using a pair of scissors, cut out each design you wish to use. Try to trim close to the edge of the design, but don't worry about being perfect. (That way madness lies.)

Don't stress about the cutting part.

Peel the Clear Layer off from the Tattoo Design

Find the edge of the clear plastic layer (this may require some fine motor skills and/or the patience of Job) so the design is exposed.

Patience and long nails are a plus here.

Place the Design Face-Down onto the Egg

Making sure it's centered where you want it to appear, place the image face-down onto the egg.

Time to transfer!

Apply the Wet Sponge

Wet your sponge and apply it to the back of the paper (you remember this from grade school, right?), keeping it on there for about 10 to 15 seconds. Make sure it's totally saturated before the next step.

Doesn't this bring back memories?

Peel or Slide Away the Paper

Now the fun part: Peel or slide the backing paper away, revealing your newly tattooed egg!


Let Dry, Admire, and Repeat!

Allow your egg to air dry before touching the design. We've found that not doing so may result in unwanted jankiness. Then move onto your next masterpiece.

Bunny for nothin'!


If you're feeling inspired, why not try designing your own tattoos? Use a photo-editing or design software, or simply scan an image you like and use that.

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