DIY Sequin Drop Earrings

When it comes to spicing up party outfits, sequins are a girl's best friend. Even the smallest dose can complete a holiday or cocktail ensemble. For a unique way to rock sequins, try making a pair of sequin drop earrings. Inspired by a $78 version by J.Crew, these DIY baubles will set you back no more than $15. How's that for budget-friendly style?


You can use sequin trim that is slightly smaller or larger than 1/4 inch. However, take care to to avoid using extremely thin or very wide sequin trim. Thin sequins may be tricky to glue, while the larger kind may not lay flat when wrapped around.

Form a 1/2-inch-wide ball of clay.


Pre-heat the oven to the temperature indicated on the clay's packaging. This way, the oven will be heated by the time you are ready to bake the clay.

Form the ball into a teardrop. To do this, roll the ball between the palms of your hands to elongate it. Use your fingers to pinch one end, forming a teardrop shape. Do not make the pointed end of the teardrop too pointy. Instead, create a blunt, rounded end. This will make it easier to glue the sequin trim during a later step.

If you mess up, don't fret! Simply roll the clay back into a ball and try again.

Gently push an eye pin into the top of the of the teardrop. Make sure the loop ("eye") stays completely exposed.


Before inserting the eye pin, make sure the pin is not longer than the length of the teardrop. Otherwise, it will pierce through the bottom of the clay. If necessary, use jewelry pliers to trim the eye pin.

Place the clay teardrop on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Repeat Steps 1–3 to create a second teardrop.

Bake the clay according to the package's instructions. Most brands of clay require 15 minutes per 1/4-inch thickness at 275 degree F. However, different brands may have different requirements.

Once the clay has cooled down, hot glue the end of the sequin trim. Your best bet is to glue this end to the top of the teardrop, adjacent to the eye pin.


Remove a few sequins from the end of the trim. This will expose thread that can be easily glued to the clay. It will also be easier to layer more sequin trim on top of it.

Tightly wrap the sequin trim around the teardrop.

Add a dot of hot glue at equal intervals. For best results, apply glue at least one time for each wrap-around.

Continue wrapping until the entire teardrop is covered.

Hot glue the sequin trim to the bottom of the teardrop. Cut away the excess.

Using the jewelry glue, adhere an earring post to the back of a crystal charm.

Attach the loop of the eye pin to the charm. You can also connect the teardrop and charm by using a 4-mm jump ring.

Repeat Steps 5-11 to create the second teardrop earring.

And just like that, you've got yourself a brand new pair of glamorous ear candy. From jazzing up a simple dress to complementing a party look, these earrings are the ultimate statement-making accessory.

Feel free to use a sequin trim in a color that suits your taste and style. Red, green and blue are ideal for the holidays. Neutrals such as silver, gold and black are great for any time of the year.

If you're up for the challenge, try alternating sequin trim in different colors. The end result? An eye-catching set of baubles that will be sure to turn heads.

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