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Disney's "Scene It" Instructions

Disney's Scene It can be played on any standard DVD player.
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"Disney’s Scene It" tests your knowledge about classic Disney characters, songs and scenes from Disney and Pixar movies through a series of movie clips and trivia questions. The objective of the game is to be the first to travel completely around the board and enter the winner’s circle by correctly answering questions. Disney’s Scene It is for two to four players, ages six and up. The game can also be played with two to four teams.

Set up the game. Place the board on a table so everyone playing can see it and still have a clear view of the television. Have players select a game piece and place it at the start of the game board. Shuffle all of the Buzz Cards and Trivia Cards then place each stack on the board, face down. There are two types of trivia cards, purple for adults and green for kids. If needed, hand out category reference cards to each player.

Determine order of play. Have each person or team roll the dice. The player with the highest roll goes first. Play goes counter-clockwise from the starting player or team. Before playing the game, select one player to be in charge of the DVD player.

Put the DVD into the player. If desired, from the Main Menu, select “Timer Settings” to change the amount of time each player will get to answer trivia questions. The timer is pre-set to 30 seconds. When you are ready to start the game, select “Play the Game” from the Main Menu.

Move around the board. Roll the dice and move your character the corresponding number of spaces. You'll be asked a trivia question. The die with the different categories will determine which category you answer questions for. If you get the question right, you get to take another turn. Your turn is over if you get the question wrong. If your character lands on a “Double Feature” space and you get the question right, move twice your roll on your next turn.

Play DVD challenges. When you roll “My Play” on the category die you will have to answer a trivia question related to a video clip. You are the only person who can answer the question during "My Play." If an “All Play” is rolled, everyone will have a chance to answer, with the first person with the correct answer winning the challenge.

Answer trivia questions. When you roll a “Trivia Card” challenge another player will read a question on a card drawn from the appropriate pile, adult or child. The person in charge of the DVD player will select “Start Timer” on the game menu after the question has been completely read. Once completed, replace the card on the bottom of the appropriate pile.

Follow other instructions. If you roll a “Buzz Card” you must pick up a card, read it out loud and follow the instructions. When done, replace the card on the bottom of the “Buzz Card” pile. If you roll “Player’s Choice,” select a trivia card from either the “My Play” or “Buzz Card” piles.

Play a final “All Play.” When you reach the end of the game board and before entering the “Winner’s Circle,” you need to win one last “All Play.” If you don't win, you must wait until your next turn to try again. Once you get the question correct, the person in charge of the DVD player will choose “Final Cut” from the menu and you will have to answer a series of three questions to win the game. If you get any of the questions wrong, you will only be able to move one spot into the Winner’s Circle and have to wait for your next turn to try again. You win the game once you have correctly answered all of the “Final Cut” questions.

Things You'll Need:

  • DVD Player
  • Television or Monitor
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