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Instructions for Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission

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Fans of the original "Battleship" will notice some changes in the flexibility and features of "Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission." The computer not only directs play but also provides realistic commentary and sound effects to enhance the game playing experience. Players can choose to play against the computer or against another player. The game options are the standard Territorial Waters Mission; Salvo Mission, which lets you fire once per turn for every ship you still have standing; and Target Plus One Mission, which gives you an extra shot each time you get a hit.

Position the board so the On/Off switch is on the side of player one.

Turn the On/Off switch to the "On" position. The computer will say, "Global positioning system activated. Input number of players." Player one will enter the following requested information.

Press "1" for a one-player game or "2" for a two player game. The game's computer will confirm the selection then will say "Satellite link confirmed. Enter war game."

Press "1" for Territorial Waters Mission, "2" for "Salvo Mission" or "3" for "Target Plus One Mission." The game's computer will respond with a confirmation of the game type you chose.

Enter "1" for "Basic Weapons" or "2" for "Advanced Weapons" when prompted. Basic weapons allow you to fire one shot at at time. Advanced weapons allow you to choose a firing strategy based on the abilities of your fleet. The game's computer will confirm your choice.

Follow the voice prompts so each player enters his choice for fleet deployment. "1" is for a custom fleet deployment, where you choose the position of each ship. "2" is for a predetermined fleet deployment where you choose one of 100 configurations listed on page 19 of the user manual (see the References section for a link to the manual).

Place the plastic ships representing your fleet on the grid. For a custom arrangement, follow the voice prompts to tell the computer where your ships are located. Enter the letter and then the number from the grid to set the coordinates of the first and last positions of each ship. The computer will fill in the remaining spots.

Enter the letter and number of the position on the grid you want to fire upon and press the "Fire" button. The computer will respond with sound effects and voice prompts letting you know if your shot was a "hit" or a "miss." Alternate turns until one player has sunk all of the other player's fleet.

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