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How to Create a Gangster Bankroll

A friend of a friend has invited you to a poker game in the city. You don't want to look like some kid from the 'burbs, so you spend a ton of time making sure everything looks right. You even practice your poker faces in the mirror. Now it's time to load up your pocket with the cash. Here is how to make a gangster's bankroll.

Get some info. What is a gangster's bankroll anyway? A gangster's bankroll is a roll of cash. But how you present your cash is very important.

Get some fat cash. You need to have a few big denominations and some small ones. The small ones will fill space to make it look like you have more money than you do.

Make a pile. Put the lower singles and fives on the bottom of the pile and stack the larger denominations on top. Of course, for maximum effect the top bills must be fifties and hundreds. This will make you look very fly.

Fold the pile in half and roll it up into a cylinder of cash.

Seal the deal. You need to be able to keep the roll together. Use a large rubber band to keep the money together.

Know how to work it. The number one rule is to act like you don't care. Anybody who carries a wad of money in their pocket held together with a rubber band has to have so much money that they don't care.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pile of cash
  • Rubber band


Act like you don't care about your money. The less interested you seem, the more interested others will be. Work your outfit to match the gangster image. If you have a big wad of cash and dress like a college frat boy, no one will buy the whole gangster image.


  • Be careful when you whip out your bankroll. If you are flashing the cash all around town, you might get mugged!
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