Craft Projects With a Pet Screen

Pet screen is a durable woven polyester fabric that is poly vinyl coated (or PVC). It is available in autumn fern, black, dark blue, dove gray, driftwood, forest green, lime, linen, maroon, teal, red, royal blue, sea isle blue, suncast, vanilla, white and yellow. Pet screen is sold in rolls of 54 inch by 25 feet, 54 inches by 8 feet and 54 inches by 195 feet. Pet screen fabric makes great crafts such as bags and hats.


Pet screen makes an excellent bag to carry to the pool or beach. The polyester poly vinyl coated fabric withstands water and does not fade. Either machine sew or hand sew the pet screen pattern pieces together to make a bag. There is no need to put lining in the pet screen bag because of the durability of the fabric.

Pet screen bags also work for laundry bags, shopping bags, school bags, craft bags, pencil pouches and makeup bags. Be imaginative and think of other uses for this versatile fabric.


A pet screen hat allows the air to flow through while keeping the sun from beating directly down on the head. The multitude of colors provide a wide selection of fabric to make a hat. A large brimmed hat works well in the garden while one with a smaller brim makes a good fishing hat. The pet screen is not scratchy and will work for making a child's hat to wear to the pool or outside to play.


Pet screen works well for curtains in shops, garages and play houses. Clean the curtains with a spray from a garden hose. The dust, grime and dirt is removed easily allowing for the curtain to be rehung immediately after cleaning. It takes very little time for the pet screen to dry because of the poly vinyl coating.


Crochet or braid a rug from strips of pet screen. The rug is durable with easy clean-up. It can either be thrown in the washer or just washed out with a garden hose.

Garden Flag

Make a garden flag with a representational design of flowers, trees, animals and so on out of pet screen. An abstract design is easily made by sewing together different shapes and sizes of different colored pet screen. The variety of colors of pet screen add an interesting dimension to any garden.