Cool Ways to Decorate Your Crutches

Decorate your crutches in any of countless ways to put a little cheer into your recovery time.
Crutches image by Megan van Dyck from

Think of a new, unadorned pair of crutches as a surface full of decorating potential for cheering yourself up while you're injured. Instead of living with a dull set of crutches during your recovery, decorate them however you'd like--just be careful not to compromise your safety. With a few supplies you may already have or can purchase easily and inexpensively, you can create decorations for your crutches that will transform them from boring to cool.

Hair Scrunchies

For a subtle--but not too busy--touch, wind colorful hair scrunchies around the bottom of the legs of the crutches. Opt for a single color or mix and match colors. If you want to add lots of color, put the scrunchies along the whole length of the legs of the crutches. You can even change the scrunchies to match the color of your outfit each day.

Permanent Markers

Draw shapes and designs such as wavy lines, circles, squares, stars, diamonds, dots and hearts on the surface of the crutches with variously colored permanent markers. For an extra special touch, ask your friends and family to autograph the legs of your crutches with permanent markers


Adorn your crutches with stickers that focus on your favorite theme. For example, if you love animals, decorate the crutches with various types of animal stickers. If smiley faces make you happy, stick the beaming circles all over your crutches to make a cheerful statement.

Sound & Light

Wrap battery-operated strings of lights up and down the length of your crutches to stand out when you walk at night. Tie small bells onto the crutch handles that will ring as you move them. Glue small fake jewels up and down the sides of the crutches. For a diamond-like effect, use white rhinestones.

Holiday Decorations

Tape holiday candy all over your crutches with clear tape. Wrap red ribbon all the way up each crutch, leaving 1-inch spaces in between to make your crutches look like candy canes. Tape streamers, in colors appropriate to the holiday, from the handles of your crutches and allow them to dangle down. Draw and cut out four-leaf clovers, hearts or Easter eggs from colored card stock and glue them all over your crutches with a hot glue gun.