Clam Shell Crafts

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Memorializing a vacation to the beach is a cinch when you collect clam shells on your beach walks. Jewelry, photo frames and wreaths are just a few of the crafts you can make with clam shells. Using nothing more than a glue gun you can construct simple clam shell crafts that will last for years, or you can add cardboard, magnets and wire and create more elaborate crafts to enjoy and gift to others.

Clam Shell Stacks

Gather several shells in various sizes. Place the largest shell on the bottom and glue the next largest size on top of it. Continue doing this using a smaller shell each time until the stack is as large as you like. These clam shell stacks make beautiful shelf decorations or paperweights.

Clam Shell Wreath

For a clam shell wreath, you will need craft glue, a 12-inch metal wreath, 2- to 3-inch clam shells, wire, nails and straw. Pack the metal wreath with straw and wind wire tightly around the straw at 1-inch intervals. Apply glue to backs of shells and place shells on the wreath. Continue arranging shells around the wreath until you cover all surface areas with shells. Hang using two nails for extra support.

Clam Shell Photo Frame

If you have a flat photo frame, you can turn it into a work of art to display your favorite beach photo. Using craft glue or a hot glue gun, glue clam shells of varying sizes to the frame. You can fill every space or strategically place shells to your taste.

Shell Chime Bracelet

You can make jewelry with the clam shells you find on the beach.
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The materials you will need for a shell chime bracelet are glue, felt, yarn, shells, Velcro and a needle. Cut felt strips that will fit around the wrist of the person who will be wearing the bracelet. Glue yarn of varying lengths to the shells and use the needle to thread the yarn through the felt. Tie the ends of the yarn to prevent them from coming loose and attach the Velcro to the ends of the bracelet.