Cheap Prizes for Shower Games

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When you want to give a cheap prize to your guests who win at shower games, choose a prize that conveys style, but doesn’t come off as cheap. Whether you choose a group of small inexpensive items or one larger item purchased on sale, wrap the gift in festive paper and attach a bow with ribbons.

Paper Products

Select a journal for her to write her thoughts or an appointment book to keep track of all her important dates. Or, give her a set of stationary with a book of stamps.

The latest bestseller or a puzzle book also works well. So does a set of playing cards with instructions for several different games, or a specialty cookbook.


As most women wear makeup and color their nails, make a prize that includes these items. Fill a makeup bag with a couple of brushes, facial powder and lip gloss, or add mascara, eye and lip liners with some shadow. Consider inserting several bottles of nail polishes into a wrapped box with a couple of files.

Another option is a bottle of scented bath gel, oil or lotion. Or a box filled with a loofah sponge, shell-shaped, scented soaps and a foot brush. Alternatively, create a prize box of hair supplies holding gels, spray, scrunches and clips.


Consider giving a tea cup with a box of herbal teas or a coffee mug with a bag of exotic coffee as your shower prize. Or fill a potpourri bowl with a bag of gourmet jelly beans, macadamia or pistachio nuts. Another option is a small box of assorted chocolates.

Make your own original food basket using seasonal fruits, assorted cookies or various candies. Gourmet popcorn tins or ice cream bowls with topping would be appreciated.


Pictures are an inexpensive prize that is always appreciated. Give out a set of matching picture frames or one large picture frame. Several disposable digital cameras would be handy, as would a photo album.