Caribbean Costume Ideas

antigua Caribbean beach image by Andrew Howard from

Utilize the myths and legends that come from the islands of the Caribbean to design your costume. Create a one-of-a-kind outfit from items that can be found in your closet, or purchase them from a craft or costume store. Share a story about your costume at your party to help add to the mystery of the Caribbean.

Male Pirate

Jump aboard a pirate ship with this costume idea for men. Pirates are known for calling the Caribbean waters home. Start your base outfit with a long-sleeved, loose-fitting shirt in either white or a cream color. Using a sharp knife, create a fringed edge around the collar and sleeves, and add small slices into the back and front of the shirt. Grey or black pants that are cut off right below the knee work well for the bottom part of the costume. Add a rope belt around the waist, a large pirate hat, a fake sword and boots or sandals. Give your face a rough appearance using makeup.

Female Pirate

Go as a couple or solo with a female pirate costume. Wrap your body in a short, red or black dress with cap sleeves or no sleeves. Use a knife to rough up the edges of the dress, or cut small slits in the bottom of the dress to create a tattered appearance. Pair the dress with fishnet stockings and short or tall black boots. Pirate women wore a large hat or feathered hairpiece; these can be found at a costume supply shop. Add detail by wearing heavy makeup and carrying a sword with you.


Transform into a Caribbean mermaid. Purchase a mermaid bottom from a costume supply store or create your own out of gold fabric from a fabric store. Mermaid patterns can be purchased from a craft store. The top of your mermaid costume is a plain white tank top that fits snugly against the body. Create a wrap of netting material in gold or tan. Netting can be purchased by the yard at a craft store for minimal cost, so you can choose the length of your wrap. Wear long strands of seashell necklaces, also purchased from a craft store, and layer them over the net wrap. Curl your hair into cascading waves or wear a wig to create long, flowing mermaid hair. Finish the costume by adding glitter to your face and arms and wearing light blue or gold shoes.

Rasta Man

Bring the Caribbean to your costume by transforming into a Rasta Man. Rastafarians have been around since 1930 and promote a different way of life and religion. Their bright clothing and trademark dreadlocks are popular costume ideas. Wear a bright colored, button-down, short-sleeve shirt. For a bottom half, wear very loose shorts, capris or long linen pants in an equally bright color. If your hair is long enough, find someone to create dreadlocks, or you can purchase a wig from a costume shop. Sandals are a popular shoe for Rasta Men to wear.