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Birthday Games for Nine-Year-Olds

Use gumballs for a fun game for 9-year-olds.
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Many 9-year-olds have outgrown childhood birthday party games but are too young to play teen games. Create party games for a group of 9-year-olds that are sure to pique their interest. Birthday party games can introduce unfamiliar faces at the party and give the kids a chance to make new friends. Entice the kids to play the games by awarding small prizes to the game winners.

Ha, Ha

Have all the players sit in a circle and select one player to go first. That player will start the game by saying, “Ha.” Then next player will say, “Ha, Ha.” The third player will say, “Ha, Ha, Ha.” Each player must add a “ha” on the end. If a player laughs or smiles while it is her turn, she is out of the game. Players eliminated from the circle can make faces at players on their turn to try to get them to laugh (they just cannot talk). The last player to keep a straight face wins the game.

What Am I?

Write down several random objects on index cards, such an apple, a key, a snake, a television, a hair bow or a tiger. Tape an index card on the back of each player’s shirt. Everyone must walk around the party asking each other yes or no questions about their item. They can ask questions like “Am I an animal” or “Do I breath?” The first player to guess what object he has wins the game. Keep playing until everyone has figured out her item.

Gumball Shake

Cut a hole in the side of several party hats (cone-shaped). Make the hole a little larger than a gumball. Have each player put a birthday party hat on and place a gumball inside each hat. When you say “Jump,” the players must jump up and down to try to get the gumball to come out of the hole in the hat. Players can only use their hands to hold their party hats down. The first player to get the gumball out of the hole cut on the side of her hat wins the game.

Magic Handkerchief

Tell all the party guests to stand frozen in a circle. Throw a handkerchief up in the middle of the circle. While it is in the air, the kids must dance around and giggle. As soon as the handkerchief hits the ground, all players must freeze. Any player caught laughing or smiling when the handkerchief is on the ground is out of the game. The last player standing wins the game.

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